10 May 2011

Update Runtime Build 1170

Finally the latest update of the runtime is available. Just click the Download tab at the top of the site.

What is a runtime?

The runtime is a DLL necessary to execute both GFA-BASIC 32 IDE as well as your compiled applications. The runtime is called GfaWin23.Ocx and is located in the Bin directory of GfaWin32.Exe (the IDE/Compiler). The runtime is installed in the same directory as the IDE because the Windows operating system will search the DLL in the same folder as the application. Often you will put a copy of the runtime Ocx next to your compiled application in the same directory. That way you can make sure the correct DLL is loaded.

When you download a newer runtime, like the build 1170, you must replace the GfaWin23.Ocx in your GFA-BASIC 32 directory so that the IDE will start with the newer library. In addition, when you want to use fixed commands and functions in your compiled applications as well, you should replace other copies of the GfaWin23.Ocx as well.

Maybe the GFA-BASIC 32 DLL has an unexpected extension .ocx rather than .dll. Don't let this confuse you. An ocx file is just a dll containing ActiveX controls (OCX-controls) next to other library functions. The GFA-BASIC 32 runtime code for the OCX takes about 500 KByte of the total size. The rest is just a bunch of DLL functions.

Hope this helps ...

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