28 November 2010

Download new update; Build 1169

NOTE Due to a new version of the runtime GfaWin23.Ocx, this Blog is updated on 28 Nov 2010.

See: http://gfabasic32.blogspot.com/2010/11/update-of-build-1169-2.html

November 2010 is a good time to review prior updates and decide to upgrade to build 1169. That is, the IDE/Compiler (GfaWin32.Exe) is updated to build version 1169, but the Ocx/runtime (GfaWin23.Ocx) has build version 1168. The About dialog box has been slightly revised and will show you the correct versions.

There are two downloads, both contain the 28 Nov 2010 update of the runtime Ocx, pick yours:
  1. gb32.zip  – Contains the full GFA-BASIC 32 package (for new users).
  2. gb321169.zip – Contains Exe, Ocx, and revision history only.
The runtime has been patched to fix the most recent reported bugs. Somewhere on the internet there is a bug-list, but the list confuses features with bugs and some bugs aren't really bugs. For instance, the ToolBar.Clear method is supposed to be faulty. However, like the Panel object, each Button object must have a key index. The collection items Button and Panel are removed by there key name and not by there index number. If you miss something, please ask.

Library files
A new update was also necessary because loading $Library files is still error prone. I fixed a bug I simply discovered after creating a minimal lg32 file. So, it isn't that hard to find a bug and it isn't that hard to report it. I urge you to test your erroneous library files and strip them to the bone until the bug remains clearly. Then post the source to gfabasic32@gmail.com and I will investigate as soon as possible.
The library file is going to be an important part in a new GFA-BASIC version that will support classes (OOP) and more COM. So, help me build a better GFA-BASIC 32.

Report Bugs
Please report bugs or questions concerning possible bugs to the mailing list or to me directly. There is no need to "panic" when something doesn't work as expected. After researching the disassembly for so many years I'm impressed with the clean and consistent programming of GFA-BASIC 32.


  1. Jesper Brännmark19/11/10

    Thanks Sjouke for all the excellent work. I will release my update monday morning on this build. Very courious about the OOP classes...

  2. bug or editor fault ,
    it when u use the arrow keys to go down to bottom of screen while in code editor to
    eof (while deleting line too) will cause crash

  3. i am also developing midi applications ,and wondered where to get more information on the timer otimer and qtimer command
    my issue is , can the timers be reset to zero manually..like the old gfa lpoke $4ba,0.
    same issue with the ocx timer ,can it be reset while running?